What water bylaw

Dave Cardwell

By Dave Cardwell

Effective June 1 to September 30 we have restrictions on watering. Most Surrey residents are aware of this but it seems that the new Ciity Hall missed the memo. It was noticed by passers by that a mist of moisture could be seen from the top of the new city hall. City hall has there own garden on the roof and it seems that they water these grass like patches which cover most of the roof during the day which is contrary to the in effect by law.
According to the by law resedential properties can water 4am to 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for even numbered addresses and Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for odd numbered residences. Non residential addresses from 1am to 6am Monday and Wednesday for even numbered addresses and 1am to 6am Tuesday and Thursday for odd numbered addresses. Non residential can also water 4am to 9am Friday. So what gives City Hall the exemption.
The city hall roof has its own complete sprinkler system and it seems that the laws don't apply.

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