In Response To "It's Time to Ban Pit Bulls in BC"

Jessica Bruzzese

By Jessica Bruzzese

In response to Bill Tieleman’s article “Time to ban pit bulls in BC”, posted on January 05, 2015.

Senior dog saves family from burning home in Oklahoma by alerting her family to the blaze. The dog refused to leave the premises until all family members had safely left the house.

Family dog saves a little girl from another residents dog attack in Florida. When the pet saw the labrador dog attacking the little girl, the dog immediately flew into action, jumping a fence in the process, to save the little girls life.

Family dog saves a woman from a horrific domestic fight with her husband.

The common denominator? The saviors were all pit bulls. These and countless other testimonials can be found all over the internet - with a roundup being found on the pit bull heroes hall of fame.

Although it is aboslutely true that the website dogbites tracks fatal dog bites, what Bill Tieleman did not mention in his article is that the founders of this website specifically target the pit bull breed, and therefore cater their information towards nasty statistics against pit bulls. Relevant, factual and unbiased information can be found all over the web - but unfortunately this information is not cited.

According to an unbiased source - the National Canine Research Council - the most comprehensive research into canine bites was completed by The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association in December 2013. A few key points to be taken from this study include: 1) “it is extremely rare that dogs living as either resident dogs or as family pets ever inflict serious injuries on humans”, and; 2) breed was not one of the factors identified. Furthermore, in only 45 (18%) of cases the researchers were able to identify what breed the dog may be.

It is not time British Columbia followed the lead of Ontario and Winnipeg to ban pit bulls, but rather time we as a society stopped attempting to put a bandaid on a long, and completely misunderstood problem. It is time we stopped looking at biased information and came to conclusions like the intelligent adults that we are. Bill states that in Toronto pit bull bites are down 92% due to the ban. Of course they are - Toronto has less pit bulls to bite.

Bill states that “BC should ban pit bulls too because continuing to whine about bad owners, not bad dogs, and doing nothing didn’t save a baby a man or a therapy dog”, but if pit bulls were banned an entire family, little girl, and a woman would all be deceased. Some may be crying that I am simply a disgruntled pit bull owner, but make no mistake, I do not own a pit bull. I am simply an adult making my own decisions based on factual information. It’s time everyone else began looking at the facts too.

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